Mock Banana

What!? I hear you say… Mock Banana??

Before the war the Brits imported 70% of their food which was around 20 million tons per year!

Imports dropped significantly and consequently many foods such as bananas were impossible to get hold of. Prior to the war the Brits went crazy for bananas so it was one of the foods that were truly missed.

It was one of the things we always used to get at Gran’s – banana butties – mashed banana spread onto fresh bread (she only used “best” butter) and then a little sugar sprinkled on it before putting the top on. Yum! Not that healthy and definitely a treat – but brings back lots of lovely memories.

I know, I was doubtful about this recipe too, and so were a number of visitors to my Wartime Kitchen stand, but those who dared to try it were pleasantly surprised.


1 medium parsnip per round of sandwiches
2-3 tsp caster sugar per parsnip
2-3 squirts of banana essence per parsnip

Peel, chop and boil up the parsnip until soft.
Drain well and mix in the sugar and banana essence.
Mash down until fairly smooth.
Leave it to cool and then use to make banana sandwiches!

I was lucky enough to find the recipe on another blog and would highly recommend you having a look at Carolyn’s site: The 1940s Experiment

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