Hello from Isolation!

Well, I am now into day 5 of isolation and I am sure that some of you are into even longer stints.  I wish you all well and hope that a couple of posts and food ideas will keep the wolves from the door a little longer.

Since I moved into a town about 3 years ago, I had reduced my store cupboard somewhat, and did not go out and panic buy as some did – so my stock of essentials  like flour, pasta and lentils is a little lower than I would like, but this is where some ingenuity comes in.  My other issue, is that due to lack of space I only have a fridge freezer, which doesn’t give me much freezer space at all.

For example, the other day I had half a pot of plain yogurt that needed using up and I also had a small amount of a homemade spaghetti bolognaise sauce that couldn’t be re-frozen.  I know that you can make Naan bread with yogurt… so that led me to Keema Naan… which led to my invention of Italian Naan bread!  Bit left-field, but it was tasty and filling for lunch – I added a little grated parmesan on top as it came out of the oven, for extra flavour.  My 14yo daughter was doubtful at first, but has now requested that we make it again, so it couldn’t have been bad at all.

Italian Naan Bread

I’m sure that by the time we have finished, we will be eating weirder inventions than that!

Tonight’s leftovers are going to be used for a pudding – I have a little cake left that needs using and I’m going to warm it slightly and serve it with some custard – we don’t really drink milk in our house, so this is a way of getting milk in to our diets.

Another good recipe for leftover cake is the Florida Pudding which I made during my Rationing Challenge. Well worth a try.

I’m going to leave you for tonight and will post again in a couple of days.  Take care x