New Events – New Clothes?!

Well, we are women after all!

Thinking about our event wardrobe and the fact that my (soon-to-be) teenage daughter has a tendency to grow – note to self: must stop feeding her – this is a great excuse for us to look for different outfits for this year’s events.  I have a couple of patterns, including the 1930s Jiffy blouse, which I made for DD a couple of years ago – I think that I may try the 1940s One Yard Blouse this year – will keep you updated as to success.

I was lucky enough to find the One Yard Blouse pattern on Aimee’s Victorian Armoire – and despite the name, Aimee does a lot more than Victorian patterns and I would highly recommend a look.

I tend to scour charity shops as well, keeping an open mind, as a number of items have a “nod” to the 1940s and can often be easily adapted – which is environmentally friendly as well as being kinder to my pocket and limited time. Aimee’s Victorian Armoire also has a useful article on adapting modern patterns to a 1940s look – you never know, you might already have something suitable!

Also, don’t forget accessories.  Do you knit?  or know someone who does?  A beautiful handmade cardigan or jumper is just the ticket for one of these events and I was lucky enough to have my Mum make one for me x  Do you crochet? or know someone who does?  There are some lovely bag patterns (I’m still in the starting blocks with mine!), and I would suggest Vintage Visage as another source of great vintage patterns.

Don’t forget the penchant for headwear!  Hats, hair pieces, snoods, hair nets, turbans – the list goes on!  Have a look here, at some fabulous original patterns!

YouTube have some great videos, including this one for how to tie a turban, courtesy of British Pathe! How to make glamorous turbans (1942)

I hope that this will give you some inspiration for your wardrobe for this year’s events – I know that I’ve got ideas spilling out of my head – I just need to find the time – now where did I put it??



Further Back in Time for Dinner – BBC

If any of you haven’t seen it, I would highly recommend this series – a look back at lifestyles and food throughout the decades, through the eyes of the Robshaw family.

Further Back in Time for Dinner - BBC

This week, we’ve already seen the 1900’s and the 1910’s – so they’ve just been through some wartime recipes from the First World War.

The family live one year in a day, so it’s a snapshot of time and each programme covers the full decade – so you get to see the clothing, household and food fashions of the time.

The programme on the 1940s will be shown on Wedneday 25th October at 7pm on BBC2.

Click on the image to link to the BBC website where you will find full details of the schedule, including the previous programmes available on the iPlayer.


1940s Me

Again, not something that I am terribly adept at, and don’t like anything too heavy, so came across this great make-up artist and would highly recommend a look – a lighter but effective 1940s look.

As I’m slightly older than Maeve, my skin is a little more flexible and I found that I made a couple of mistakes.  I came across this fabulous little eraser stick – which removes my mistakes incredibly easily!  Thank goodness!

simple corrector pen


Hair!  Anyone that knows me, knows that I am law of least effort when it comes to my hair – but this will not do when it comes to the 1940s events!

I’ve usually got my hair in an asymmetrical bob style, which is not really conducive to other styles.  However, knowing these events are looming, I’ve not had my hair cut since December in order to allow it to get a little longer and be able to curl it a little!  I usually just curl the front and pin in up slightly, using a hair snood to gather in the back and cover up the modern style – doesn’t look too bad (especially with the make-up), but my report card states: “definitely could do better”!

In previous years, my daughter went as an evacuee child and with her very long hair it was easy just to put it into two plaits.


This year, she is more grown-up (a mature 11 yrs old!), is wearing a more adult outfit and has had her hair cut to shoulder length.  So, in an attempt to make us look a little more authentic, I have been trawling YouTube for inspiration and came across Vintagious – she’s my kinda woman – simple styles for the less able amongst us – a blessing!

I will post pics of what I manage to create this weekend.

Still needing a LOT of practice, I think she’s going to have to start practising her own!

Unfortunately, after spending time doing Liv’s, I was struggling to concentrate on mine, so back to the snood it was, although I do actually quite like the look and kept it in all day, even after we’d got home and I’d got changed!

1940s Me