New Events – New Clothes?!

Well, we are women after all!

Thinking about our event wardrobe and the fact that my (soon-to-be) teenage daughter has a tendency to grow – note to self: must stop feeding her – this is a great excuse for us to look for different outfits for this year’s events.  I have a couple of patterns, including the 1930s Jiffy blouse, which I made for DD a couple of years ago – I think that I may try the 1940s One Yard Blouse this year – will keep you updated as to success.

I was lucky enough to find the One Yard Blouse pattern on Aimee’s Victorian Armoire – and despite the name, Aimee does a lot more than Victorian patterns and I would highly recommend a look.

I tend to scour charity shops as well, keeping an open mind, as a number of items have a “nod” to the 1940s and can often be easily adapted – which is environmentally friendly as well as being kinder to my pocket and limited time. Aimee’s Victorian Armoire also has a useful article on adapting modern patterns to a 1940s look – you never know, you might already have something suitable!

Also, don’t forget accessories.  Do you knit?  or know someone who does?  A beautiful handmade cardigan or jumper is just the ticket for one of these events and I was lucky enough to have my Mum make one for me x  Do you crochet? or know someone who does?  There are some lovely bag patterns (I’m still in the starting blocks with mine!), and I would suggest Vintage Visage as another source of great vintage patterns.

Don’t forget the penchant for headwear!  Hats, hair pieces, snoods, hair nets, turbans – the list goes on!  Have a look here, at some fabulous original patterns!

YouTube have some great videos, including this one for how to tie a turban, courtesy of British Pathe! How to make glamorous turbans (1942)

I hope that this will give you some inspiration for your wardrobe for this year’s events – I know that I’ve got ideas spilling out of my head – I just need to find the time – now where did I put it??


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