Carrots – Ministry of Food War Cookery Leaflet No. 4

doctor carrot best friend

As these were easy to grow at home, they were actively encouraged.

Later, when there was a glut of carrots around, the government spread the rumour that the RAF’s success in recent bombing raids was due to the fact that the pilots were eating lots of carrots, which helped them to see in the dark!


Extract from Ministry of Food War Cookery Leaflet No 4

The carrot is one of the most valuable of all our root vegetables and today we are apt to take them a little too much for granted and to forget how rich they are in protective elements. Among other good things they contain “carotene” one of the important sources of vitamin A which strengthens our resistance to infection.  There is a certain amount of sugar in them, too, and this is useful for our wartime diet.  As many a wise mother knows, the child who eats raw carrot freely is most unlikely to have a craving for sweets. Most children, fortunately, love raw carrot and below we have given some suggestions for introducing it into their daily diet. Adults may find it a little strange at first but it is well worth while persevering with it.

We give also some recipes for cooking carrots.

Carrot Fudge

4 tbsp grated carrots
Orange essence or orange juice
1 sheet leaf gelatine

Add the finely grated carrots to a pan and barely cover with water. Cook for approx. 10 minutes until soft.

Add the essence or 100ml of orange juice and stir well.

Soften the leaf gelatine in a little cold water, then add to the pan, simmering over a low heat until the gelatine is completely dissolved.

Spoon into a fairly flat dish and leave to set. Cut into cubes.

I’ve decided that I’m going to try this recipe this weekend at Thorpe Camp – come along and have a taster!

Thorpe Camp 2017:
I did try this and it was a flop!  I only tried it with a couple of visitors and then we threw it away!  I’m not quite sure whether it was our modern carrots (not sweet enough) or something else, but it hardly set, was very bland and not at all sweet – I had used the orange juice version as well… I may have to experiment further with this further to try to figure out what went wrong.


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