Ministry of Food War Cookery Leaflets

MoF Logo

Right from the start of the war, the Ministry of Food produced leaflets about different foods eg. green vegetables, different social groups eg. children and for different occasions eg. Christmas.  They were designed to reduce wastage, encourage home-growing, improving cooking and therefore improve the nutrition and diet of the nation.

My list is still being researched and I will add to it as I find the leaflets.

No 1
No 2     Cheaper Cuts of Meat
No 3     Potatoes
No 4     Carrots
No 5     Salads
No 6     Green Vegetables
No 7     Soups
No 8
No 9     Fuel Saving Recipes
No 10   Your Children’s Food in Wartime
No 11   Dried Eggs
No 12   Cheese
No 13   Puddings & Sweets
No 14   Your Vitamin A B C D
No 15
No 16
No 17
No 18   High Teas and Suppers
No 19   Making the Fat Ration go Further
No 20   Soups, Broths and Stews
No 21
No 22   Fruit Bottling without Sugar
No 23
No 24   Drying & Salting

I will post each leaflet separately over the coming weeks with some of the recipes that were printed.


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